BlackBerry announced last month that its beloved BlackBerry Messenger service would be coming to Android. Although, the company didn't offer a date when BBM would be available. Don't tell T-Mobile UK any of your secrets, because it just let it slip on Twitter that the big day is June 27th.


There have been rumors for years that RIM (now BlackBerry) was planning to expand to other platforms. Release date speculation began immediately after the announcement, with June 27th being suggested. It's looking like that was correct with T-Mobile UK chiming in. BlackBerry has explained that the initial release will only include messaging and groups. Advanced features like voice, screen share, and channels could come later.

BlackBerry Messenger was one of the first mobile messaging system that offered read-receipts and reliable group messaging, both of which have become a big deal in competing apps more recently. With so many other services, you have to wonder if it's too late for BlackBerry to realize any gains from this move. A year or two ago, maybe, but now? Time will tell, but I'm sure the folks in Waterloo are on the edge of their seats. And yes, that mockup is pretty bad.

Udpate: Well, BlackBerry is out telling everyone that no, the date listed by T-Mobile UK is not correct. Bummer. T-Mobile UK also deleted the tweet.