Mobile-focused Bluetooth speakers have become all the rage these days, and London-based Cambridge Audio has thrown its hat into the ring with a compelling all-in-one speaker. They're calling it the Minx Go, and next to other high-fidelity, battery-powered Bluetooth models, it compares well for both features and price. The Minx Go includes no less than five integrated speakers (two tweeters, two woofers, and an auxiliary bass radiator) hiding behind its grill, and a claimed battery life of 18 hours.

Minx Go black and android on metal blue

The practical design of the Minx Go is pretty standard: it's a nearly featureless white or black box with power and volume buttons, and not much else. The speaker can remember connections with up to 8 Bluetooth devices at once, and pairs simply by turning on. Around the back you'll find the nondescript power jack, an auxiliary port for your non-Bluetooth gear, and a USB port for five volts of charge to the gadget of your choice... but only if you're currently charging the Minx Go. The 9-inch wide speaker is more than capable of standing up on its own, but just in case, there's a sturdy flip-out kickstand for added stability.

Cambridge Audio was kind enough to lend us a Minx Go unit for testing purposes. The review is coming soon, but after using it for the better part of a day, I can say that it stacks up well both to cheaper budget speakers and more expensive options like the Jawbone BIG JAMBOX. The bass radiator gives this little speaker a downright stunning amount of bass (it shook the thick plastic casing, my desk, and my monitors all at once) and the titanium tweeters don't slack on the treble, either. At full volume, the Minx Go is nearly as loud as my 2.1 desktop speaker setup, without a noticeable loss in fidelity.

minx-go-black-1368797664 minx-go-dimensions-black-1368797664 minx-go-rear-black-1368797664

Establishing a Bluetooth connection with my phone, tablet and PC was impressively easy: just turn it on, and it's ready to go. I don't think I've ever seen a pairing process more simple. The unit is heavy at about three pounds, no doubt from cramming five speakers and a beefy battery into a case about the size of a hardcover book, but the volume, fidelity, and 18-hour battery life should help make up for that. the only real downside is that the integrated USB charger can't be used without plugging the Minx Go into an outlet, making its utility as a portable battery booster somewhat limited.

minx-go-top-white-1368797664 minx-go-beach-1368797664

The Minx Go is available now in black or white from the Cambridge Audio website, with fulfillment by Amazon.

LONDON - June 6, 2013 - Cambridge Audio, a world-class acoustic design team with decades of Hi-Fi audio innovations, debuts Minx Go, a high performance, portable Bluetooth speaker with deeply expansive, crystal clear audio.

Like every Cambridge Audio product, Minx Go was created by the company's own design team based in London. Minx Go is acoustically loaded with an array of five premium quality speakers and the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to deliver massive power from the smallest possible footprint with sound that really fills your room with music. Perhaps most impressive is the amount of detailed bass that Minx Go pumps out thanks to the Bass Radiator neatly integrated into the rear panel.

Minx Go boasts a battery life of up to 18 hours, twice that of some competitive products, and only takes two hours to fully charge. While Minx Go is refueling, it can charge a tablet or phone with the onboard USB charging port. Minx Go works with any phone, tablet or computer that supports Bluetooth including iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, or just about any MacBook or laptop PC. Just pair with Minx Go, play your music and enjoy. Minx Go remembers up to 8 previous phones, tablets and computers so family and friends can easily connect and enjoy their favorite music.

Minx Go Technology
- 5 speaker array delivers every note with precision and authority:
- 2 Titanium tweeters for exceptional crisp detail
- Twin 2" woofers for pure and natural vocals
- Minx Go’s rear-mounted Bass Radiator (ABR) goes really deep and low and gives the impression of a much bigger system
- High performance integrated lithium-ion battery offers an incredible 18 hours of wire-free music playback (at background listening levels)
- Digital Signal Processing means consistent performance, whatever you're listening to and however loud you’re listening. Unlike other portable systems, your music stays distortion-free, even at top volume
- On board Digital to Analogue converters squeeze maximum detail from your streamed music before it’s processed into the sounds you hear
- A rear mounted Auxiliary connection lets you boost the performance of your iPod, TV and Blu-ray player too
- Acoustically damped construction — Minx Go's subtle design conceals a host of neat features to maximise the quality of your music. Beneath the scratch resistant high gloss lacquer, Minx Go's acoustically damped cabinet is designed to eliminate vibration and distortion — even at high volumes

Available in high gloss black or white, Minx Go comes complete with a travel pouch and is available direct from or from Cambridge Audio specialists for $149.00.