Minecraft Pocket Edition has had a hell of a development cycle. Each new point release brings a ton of new awesome stuff, though. Today, the app reaches version 0.7 and users get a whole bunch of awesome new features. Like fire. Fire is cool. Spawn eggs have also been added. You can use these items to create sheep, pigs, cows, or chickens.

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The new version also includes an in-game chat function (finally!) and initial support for Minecraft Realms. While the feature is currently in alpha, Realms will allow players to pay for easy-to-setup mobile servers that up to ten users can join. For the moment, those servers are free. Nifty. Mojang doesn't skimp when it comes to the updates, so if you're a Minecraft player, hit the widget below or grab your device to get the update and check out all the new stuff.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $7.49+