Just a quick note for those who have been pining after the more capacious of the white Nexuses: it's back. After a couple of days absence from the Google Play Store, customers in the United States can now order a white Nexus 4 for the low, low price of $349. It even includes the white bumper accessory, just so you won't forget that you've got the lily white version of the phone when you're looking at its all-black screen and bezel.

n4 promo

As usual, the phone is shipping in 1-2 business days. The 8GB white Nexus 4 is still there too, bumper and all, in case you want to save a bit of dough on its $299 price. (Watch out for that lack of expandable storage there, Mister Pennypincher.) There's no way of knowing how long either of them will stay in stock, but everyone who wants a white Nexus 4 bad enough to buy one (in the States, at least) should have the opportunity by now. Good hunting.

Google Play Store - Nexus 4 16GB (White)