The Google Glass Explorer program is all about experimentation, hacking, and learning. With that in mind, Google has already posted the factory image for the XE6 update from earlier today. Hooray for openness! You know... if you're lucky enough to be in the super-exclusive Explorer program.


The XE6 update is 334MB and can be used to flash Glass back to its factory settings. There is also a pre-rooted bootloader image for XE6 to make rooting a snap. Well, it's more like typing five lines of code, but that's still pretty easy. These files join the pre-existing XE5 system image that was posted late last month.

Downloads are hosted on the Google Glass Developer site down below. Just remember: rooting and unlocking your device can make updates a pain, and you might break your $1500 face computer. Exercise caution, but please make cool stuff.

[Google Glass System Images]