Gmail 4.5 started rolling out today to Android devices (have you installed your update yet?), and immediately some of you noticed that it has definitely shuffled some things around. The bottom bar moved up top, the navigation is now on the left, and the multi-select checkboxes are gone. Don't worry, though - multi-select functionality hasn't disappeared. In fact, it's still very easy to use.

With the addition of sender images, two separate scenarios exist for using good old multi-select. Let me demonstrate.

Sender Images Enabled

Sender images are kind of neat - they instantly let you tell what kind of correspondence you're looking at in a very visual way. I personally love them. Some of you may not - if you are one of those people, go to the next section.

By the way, in case you haven't figured it out yet, if a sender image is missing, the first letter of the sender's name is used instead.

Here's the thing about sender images - they are your multi-select checkboxes. Just tap them. Easy, right?

Screenshot_2013-06-03-15-20-34 Screenshot_2013-06-03-15-20-27 Screenshot_2013-06-03-15-20-46

Sender Images Disabled

So you hate sender images and decided to disable them. Don't worry - you can still select multiple messages. Just long-press one of the emails until it gets highlighted and then simply single tap others. A little bit more effort, but it still works and works well.

Screenshot_2013-06-03-15-21-02 Screenshot_2013-06-03-15-21-13

Now if we could get an option to restore the bottom button bar, I'd be a happy camper.