We all knew it was coming. StraightTalk Wireless announced that it was getting the GSIII LTE last month, so it was only a matter of time before its sister company Net10 did the same. Well, that time has come and Net10 users can now get The Next Big Thing Before The Current Next Big Thing for a cool $440 off-contract.


For those who may not be familiar with the Net10, it's essentially an MVNO and StraightTalk sibling owned by TracFone. The similarities between Net10 and ST are nearly indistinguishable (as is each company's respective variant of the GSIII LTE), with the one key difference being that ST is slightly subsidized through Wal-Mart, which allows for a whopping $5 in monthly savings.

That difference aside, both companies offer "unlimted" talk, text and a varying amount of data for $50 a month ($45 for StraightTalk). If having last year's flagship is OK with you, however, Net10 and ST are both good choices for anyone looking to save a dime on their cell service.

For more info on Net10 and its GSIII LTE, head here.