The PadFone2 is a bizarre device, but at least t's getting some update attention from Asus. Firmware update V10.4.16.8 is in the wild, and you can download the full 700-800MB package on the Asus site. The device stays on Android 4.1, but there are a host of improvements and bug fixes.


Here's the full list of changes:

PadFone2 Firmware: V10.4.16.8
  • Optimized camera performance
  • Enhanced focus sensitivity
  • Improved video quality and image clarity
  • Noise reduction function helps to improve the quality of low brightness image
  • Improved camera and video light functions
  • Improved the WI-FI stability
  • Improved system compatibility and performance

The updates are downloaded as .zip files, but Asus has everything broken down by device SKU (i.e. region). Check your build number in the About PadFone menu to make sure you're running the correct version before you update. All the ROM downloads are under the 'Firmware' heading.

[Asus PadFone2 downloads]