One of the very few issues with the HTC One is that it still runs Android 4.1, whereas the Galaxy S4 started out on 4.2. A new report on what's to come with HTC's OS update includes some apparent screenshots of Sense 5 on 4.2.2, and there is some good stuff on the way.

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First up, there is finally an option to have the battery percentage in the status bar. This is activated in the power settings. The native Android quick settings have been implemented with some slight tweaks. There are a few more toggles, including power saver mode which is no longer taking up space at the top of the notifications. The button situation on the HTC One is a bit odd, but Android 4.2.2 will reportedly bring some more customization. Users will have the ability to change the function of a long-press on the home button from Google Now to a menu button.

1370042177018 Screenshot_2013-06-01-11-57-41

More minor alterations include Daydreams and the ability to remove all icons from the dock. Apps in the dock are also not hidden in the drawer in 4.2.2. It is still unclear how HTC will handle lock screen widgets and Photospheres. Blinkfeed has reportedly been "improved," but there are not currently any details on how. Keep in mind this is all still unofficial. The final build could look very different.

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