There's a lot happening in the CyanogenMod world this morning. First and most importantly, the AT&T variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 now has official CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2) support, following the T-Mobile and Canadian versions. According to this Google+ post, supporting the AT&T S4 was simply a matter of patching a previous build. One nightly ROM is available at the time of writing, with more stable releases sure to follow soon.



Now, onto the other 800 pound gorilla of the current Android market, the HTC One. The CyanogenMod team has adjusted the codenames of the international, Sprint, and T-Mobile versions of the One. Sprint's One is m7spr instead of the more obtuse m7wls, and the T-Mobile version has been broken out into a more distinct page at m7tmo. The international builds are now codenamed m7ul, instead of simply m7. That's technically a split for the GSM version, but new ROM builds will be posted on the m7ul page.  We're still not sure if or when the AT&T CyanogenMod HTC One 10.1 build will be come available.

CyanogenMod 10.1 downloads:

Samsung Galaxy S4


Update: The first nightly for that HTC One on AT&T, which CyanogenMod has predictably christened m7att, is live on the ROM download page. Get it here.