Every now and then I stumble across a product that I'm instantly frustrated with. I was living my life perfectly contentedly, but now that I've seen this thing, I must have it. For the next ten minutes, that thing is the Keyprop phone stand that just secured funding on Kickstarter at the last moment. This is a tiny stand that works with all smartphones and is always there when you need it.


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The concept behind Keyprop is elegantly simple. It's a key-shaped stand that fits comfortably on keychains and props phones up by plugging into their headphone jacks (or the lightning dock on the iPhone 5). It's quite convenient. Just look how easily the guy below can annoy everyone in the café behind him by watching a video on his smartphone without earbuds.


Anyone who pledges $15 or more will get their hands on one of these when they ship sometime in August. The bundled camera app will only be available for iOS, but that slight bummer doesn't take away from the usefulness of a travel-friendly phone stand. Keyprop may have already reached its funding goal, but I'm going to consider backing it anyway. Join me?

Source: Kickstarter