Whether we're talking about Twitter, Gmail, bank accounts, or anything else accessible on the web, account security is no joke. As a result, we're starting to see more and more companies take advantage of advanced security methods like two-factor authentication, which requires the user to not only entire a username and password, but also a code typically send via SMS to the user's cell phone. This means that a physical device must be accessible, making it much more difficult for would-be snoopsters to remotely gain access to an account.

Update: Apparently two-step verification is rolling out for premium and business users now, and will be available for free users at a later date.


Today, Evernote not only introduces this two-step verification process, but also two other features to better ensure account security: Access History and Authorized Applications. Both of these should sound at least somewhat familiar to most users, as various services across the web use them for the same purpose as Evernote. For those who may not be familiar with these particular features, however, here's the gist.


Access History essentially gives you an overview of where (physical location) your account has been accessed from during a given timeframe. For example, let's say you live in New York, but notice that a connection to your account has been made from California in the past week. This throws up a red flag, and suggests that your account may have been compromised.


On the other hand, Authorized Applications will let you do exactly as the name implies: control which apps can access your Evernote account. Be it Chrome, Android, iOS, the web, or any of the other options offered by Evernote, you can both allow and revoke access from this simple interface.

All three are fantastic options for keeping your account and data safe by themselves, but to combine them is a great step towards complete account security. These features are available now, but aren't required to continue using Evernote. For more info on how to get everything set up, check out Evernote's official blog.