The latest in T-Mobile's increasingly confusing line of rebranded Samsung phones is now available: the Galaxy Exhibit, previously spotted in multiple leaks, including a predicted release date for today. The Exhibit is a slightly modified version of the international Galaxy S III Mini, sporting a somber teal-on-grey paint job, but otherwise keeping its 4-inch chassis and low-end specs. The phone can be had for just twenty bucks down on T-Mobile's installment plan, or a reasonable $235.99 if you'd rather buy it outright.


Gather round children if you want to hear of the incredibly confusing history of the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit family. In the Year Of Our Lord 2011, T-Mobile modified the original Samsung Galaxy S into the first Exhibit 4G. Later that same year, the more robust Exhibit II 4G (a rebranded Galaxy W) came with Gingerbread and a slightly larger screen. In May of 2012, Samsung re-rebranded it, dropping the "II" from the name after a software update to make it simply the Galaxy Exhibit 4G again. The 2013 version of the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit has no 4G moniker, which might technically make it more accurate, since neither this phone nor its predecessors have an LTE radio.

The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit is an entry-level device, with a 4-inch, 800x480 Super AMOLED screen, a 1Ghz dual-core NovaThor processor, a 5MP rear camera (VGA front-facing), and a MicroSD card slot. T-Mobile isn't saying how much internal storage there is, but my money's on 8GB. Software is Samsung's ubiquitous TouchWiz-infused flavor of Jelly Bean 4.1. It's available on the T-Mobile web store, and should be in retail outlets as well.

T-Mobile - Samsung Galaxy Exhibit