If you're reading this story on a Widows PC (Vista or later), do me a favor. Minimize your browser and any other windows so that just the desktop is showing. Hold down the control button. Then scroll your mouse wheel up about a dozen times. Congratulations, you've just replicated the effect of Giganticon without even installing the app.


Giganticon has one purpose, and one purpose only: it makes the app icons on your homescreen enormous. Technically it's a widget - place a Giganticon widget on your homescreen in the standard way, and it will open up a menu letting you select any app. Tap that sucker, and a mega-sized version appears in the defined space.

Giganticon will pull down relatively high-resolution app icons from the Play Store (which of course won't work if you've side-loaded or installed via Amazon). Different icons can be substituted for a more customized look. The effect looks surprisingly good, even on a Nexus 10 - Giganticon widgets download app icons at up to 512x512 resolution. The only widget size is 2x2, so those with Gingerbread or Froyo may need a 3rd-party launcher to get the desired effect.

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While customization junkies are always happy for another bit of visual flair in their toolbox, there are more practical applications for this, uh, application. A homescreen filled with Giganticons could be useful for a kids-only tablet, or people with poor eyesight, or maybe that Nexus 7 you got for your great-grandmother who only uses four apps anyway. For Android 4.2 users, the app also includes lockscreen widgets. Giganticon is a free download.

Giganticon - Big Icons
Giganticon - Big Icons
Developer: Gabriel Taubman
Price: Free+