Google has finally unveiled a long-awaited overhaul to its Gmail app for Android, in conjunction with an all-new inbox experience that marks the single biggest revamp of the web mail service in years. We predicted this update would be announced today earlier in the week.

The new Gmail inbox is centered around tabs. Yup, tabs. The idea is that you have up to five sub-inboxes (any of them can be disabled) to organize your email, but that Gmail does the hard work of sorting everything out for you. There's your primary inbox, which houses your non-categorized mail, a social inbox for social network notifications, a promotions inbox for deals and offers, an updates inbox for order confirmations, flights, receipts, and more, and the same priority inbox that has been a part of Gmail for some time now.

You can manually move messages into a specific tab, or set rules for certain senders to always go to a particular tab. Starring a message in any one of your tabs will cause it to also appear in the primary inbox tab.

android 2013-05-29_12-16-42

The official Gmail blog says that an update to the Gmail app for Android, pictured above looking substantially awesomer, will be coming out in the next few weeks for 4.0+ devices, as well as iOS. For more about the new Gmail inbox experience, see the video below, and check out the official Gmail blog post.

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