It's the late afternoon - wouldn't you like to sneak out of work to head down to the boardwalk and play some skee-ball? Well, Google might not be able to hide your tracks as you escape your day job, but you can still salvage some fun while locked away in your office. A new Chrome Experiment has just been launched that uses your phone's accelerometer to fling a virtual ball on your desktop browser.

The setup is simple, just browse to on both your desktop and smartphone. It seems most mobile browsers will work, even Safari on the iPhone. Click through the instructions on both screens until you are asked to enter a code, which will be used to pair your phone and desktop. Once connected, use your thumb to aim the ball, tilt the phone to control the starting position, and swing your arm. While you should hold onto your phone carefully, the game expects a fairly gentle, slow-speed motion. Nobody wants to see your phone careening over the wall of your cubical. Every level offers a new board and a special ball with a randomly chosen power.

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Google has created quite a few novelties like this in the past, including another one that uses your phone as a controller. If you have the time, check out the Chrome Experiments page for some of the other cool ideas from Google and many other developers. Now you've got several ways to waste the rest of your work day.

Chrome Experiments, Roll It