The ASUS Transformer AiO is a strange sort of beast – it's half desktop computer, half massive Android tablet. Here's the thing, though: it's surprisingly cool. I've been using one for the last week or so (review coming soon), and have been extremely surprised at the amount of utility I've found in this mix-n-match device, as well as how well thought-out it is. But I'm getting ahead of myself here – you'll have to wait for the review for the full skinny.

Screenshot_2013-05-28-13-17-31 Screenshot_2013-05-28-13-25-32

Up to this point, my main problem with the Android side is that it was running 4.1, and 4.2 would be perfect for the unit since it brings multiple user accounts (because this is a fantastic family machine). It's as if ASUS could read my thoughts, because the company just pushed 4.2.1 to the massive not-so-handheld, putting it on par with the company's other recent devices.

Current AiO owners can jump into Android and pull the update by heading into Settings > About tablet > System updates.