Since their inception, tablets have been seen as a computing form factor conducive to a particular kind of artistic expression: drawing and painting. Of course, accurate sketching can be a little difficult with clumsy fingers, and conductive stylus pens have proven a middling solution, at best. Fortunately, with the advent dual-digitizers capable of supporting pressure-sensitive styli - like those found in Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 - tablets have become a much more practical art tool. Hardware is nothing without the software to take advantage of it, though. Enter ArtFlow, a new drawing app for Android that comes with, in addition to a number of effects, support for advanced styli baked in.

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Though it isn't the first app to support styli pressure, ArtFlow's straightforward-yet-powerful interface is compelling enough to warrant a look. The UI is excellent, unobtrusive and identifiably Android. And ArtFlow is packed to the brim with tools: the app includes more than 50 different types of brushes; infinite undo, depending on the amount of system memory; several layers of the aforementioned stylus pressure support; contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation adjustment; and custom color palette creation. Finished photos can be exported as PSD, PNG, or JPEG images, and sent to any app that supports Android's sharing hook.

ArtFlow is compatible only with tablet devices right now, and requires an in-app purchase to unlock all features. That being said, I still think the app is pretty darn cool. Whether you're a dilettante or modern-day Picasso, you can't go wrong with ArtFlow's intuitive, feature-rich approach to picture creation.

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook
ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook