If you're eager to test out Google's shiny new Maps interface on the web, but aren't so eager to wait for Google to invite you into their tender fullscreen embrace, then Android Police reader William Pickering has a trick to show you. All you need is Chrome (or another browser with the ability to manually set cookies), a free extension, and about a minute of time.

Step one: install a web cookie editor extension (like this one) from the Chrome Web Store.

step 1

Step two: head to maps.google.com. Ignore the "get the new Google Maps" message, and click the button for your new extension instead.


Step three: find the cookie labeled "NID". Select the contents and replace it with the following text:


Then click "submit cookie changes" or similar.


Step four: Refresh the page and enjoy the new interface.


We've tried this trick on multiple computers with multiple Google accounts, and our tipster has done the same. We've seen no ill effects so far (it even works in Incognito Mode), but remember that you can always clear your cookies in Chrome if you want to revert.

Update: It looks like having a few thousand of you use the same cookie has thrown Google for a loop - some users are reporting errors or verified login requests for other Google products, including Google+. If you've got a tech-savvy friend, you could ask for their cookie (using the same technique) or just ask for access to the beta program in the normal way. There doesn't seem to be that much of a line for access in the first place.

Thanks, William!