Sometimes, updates break things. That seems to be the case for some HTC owners who, upon receiving a silent update to the newest version of Google Play Services, are having trouble using apps that rely on location data. According to HTC phone users in this support thread, Google Now continually asks to turn Location Services on, location-dependent applications like Foursquare and WeatherBug don't function properly, and Maps is unable to lock onto a location.

The good news? Google's looking into the problem. The bad news? No ETA. And unfortunately, because Google Play Services updates in the background automatically, wiping data won't help. However, a Google team member did provide a potential fix that may alleviate the issue for some users, although many are reporting it isn't working:

  1. Go to the Google Settings app
  2. Select Apps with Google+ Sign In
  3. Find the app that's causing the sign-in problem in the list
  4. Select Activities visible via Google to
  5. Change the presented setting (i.e. from Public to Your Circles)

If that succeeds, the problem should be solved and you can repeat the above steps to return to your preferred settings.

Alternatively, you can disconnect the app causing the problem (Settings app > Apps with Google+ Sign In > App > Disconnect App), which should have a similar effect.

Hopefully, a permanent solution is forthcoming.

Thanks, Ari