Shhhh. Listen closely. Do you hear that? It's the sound of thousands of developers and modders salivating. Though the system images for Google Glass have been available for some time (thanks in no small part to this humble establishment), Google has decided to take the guesswork out of backups and modifications for their wearable tech. The Google Developers website has a brand new Downloads section for Glass, complete with the latest factory image (XE5) and a bootloader. The latter even comes pre-rooted - because Google knows its audience.


Google has also posted the source code for the current Glass kernel to its corporate Git hub, Developers can browse the code on the web or download and build the kernel themselves. This is a new home for the Glass kernel; it was already posted on Google Source at this location.

Though there aren't any explicit root instructions on the page (at the moment), Google stresses the usual warnings for rooting and other modifications:

Warning: Rooting, unlocking, or flashing your Glass voids your warranty and can leave your device in an irrecoverable state. You will no longer receive OTA updates if you unlock or root your GLass. There is no guarantee that you will receive OTA updates even after flashing back to factory specifications. Proceed at your own risk.

In other words: put your head between you knees and kiss your warranty goodbye.

Now developers, there is just one thing I want from you: the ability to change Glass's activation phrase from "OK, Glass" to "Computer" (or even "Computah," Patrick Stewart-style) and let me live out my nerdiest of Star Trek fantasies. - Glass - Downloads