A new update to the Opera mobile beta web browser is out, and this one is somewhat of a doozy. The new goodies are coming to the beta version, so make sure your kittens are some place safe before you fire it up.

The update brings in a new full screen mode, the ability to put the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, fraud protection, and battery life improvements. An exit button has been added that can be activated by long-pressing the back button. All of this is coated with the usual assortment of bug fixes and minor improvements.

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Opera is well-known around these parts. The company first shipped a web browser for Android long before Google developed a mobile version of Chrome. Even after Chrome's release, Opera maintains a following through its unique set of features. The company prides itself on saving you bandwidth, so give their browser a try if your data connection isn't quite up to snuff.

What's in this version:

- added ability to put navigation bar at the bottom of the screen
- full screen mode
- added exit button (long press back)
- battery life improvements
- added fraud protection
- fixed issues with scrolling on speed dial page
- changes in font rendering method in off-road mode
- fixed issues with context menu
- fixed minor issues in legacy bookmark and saved pages
- removed possibility of crash loop in saved session
- translation improvements
- various stabilization fixes

Opera browser beta
Opera browser beta
Developer: Opera
Price: Free