Remember Boxee? It was a great little DIY set-top streamer, and it might still be, if Roku wasn't so cheap. The company's latest endeavor is a cloud video sharing service, cleverly called Cloudee, and the Android app just landed. You might think that the functions in a cloud-based video upload service are eclipsed by YouTube, and for most situations you'd be right. But Cloudee focuses on sharing videos with specific individuals or groups, and it does so very well, with an interface that's easy on the eyes.

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There's nothing too complicated here: take a video, open the app, and upload it to Cloudee's servers. There you can share it with selected contacts on Facebook, or send regular email or SMS contacts a limited view. You can organize videos into folders/playlists, and if your friends on Android or iOS also use Cloudee, there are limited social functions are well. Users can post public videos for consumption on Twitter or Facebook, but again, there's really no reason not to use YouTube for those situations.

Cloudee has been available on iOS for the better part of a year. Normally we'd be a little miffed by that (how is it that Android is at 75% marketshare and we still get service-based apps a year later?) but the developers have clearly put a lot of effort into the Android interface. A clean, simple Holo UI is present throughout, making the app a pleasure to use. Videos can be accessed from the desktop as well.

Cloudee is a free download for Android 2.3.3 and up, with free standard definition uploads up to an hour. $1 a month gets you 10 hours of storage, HD viewing, and downloadable videos, while $10 a month bumps it up to 100 hours. Users can get 30 minutes of extra storage for every friend they invite. Unfortunately, a Facebook login is the only way to access the service.

The app was not found in the store. :-(