Most men seem to understand the unspoken rules of bathroom etiquette. They get in, they do the deed, and they get out with as little awkward contact as necessary. But there's always that one guy who messes things up - that jerk who walks in and stands at the urinal next to yours when there was clearly another free one available. It's too late to educate that guy, but hopefully the next one will play Men's Room Mayhem before he makes the same mistake.



Ripstone's latest game puts gamers in the shoes of a bathroom janitor tasked with making sure the whizzers that walk in aim their tackle in the right direction. As is the case with any public bathroom, a steady flow will pour across the floor, and players must draw clear paths to the nearest stall. Fights will break out if paths cross too closely, because as we all know: you never cross the streams.


If you prevent accidents and make sure everyone washes their hands before leaving, you will be well on your way towards unlocking new bathrooms to play in. The difficulty will ramp up over time as lines steadily grow longer, and some patrons will be less able to wait than others.

Men who need to brush up on their bathroom etiquette and women who want to learn how the other half handles their business can find this gem in the Play Store for a mere 99 cents.

Men's Room Mayhem
Men's Room Mayhem
Developer: Ripstone Ltd
Price: $1.20