Week Calendar may be another iOS hand-me-down, but it's a good one - an intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set have made it one of most popular calendar apps to hit Apple's App Store. Android has no shortage of calendar options available, but few are this simple to use.


People who despise the amount of effort necessary to stay organized should take notice. Week Calendar doesn't weigh anyone down with a complicated setup process. It simply imports from Exchange, Google, Outlook, Facebook, or other calendars that are already configured on your device. Managing the app is even more straightforward. Events can be rescheduled using simple drag-and-drop, and appointments can be duplicated by just copying and pasting.

WeekCalendar1 WeekCalendar2

WeekCalendar3 WeekCalendar4

The obligatory homescreen widget is included for quick access, and the action menu can be customized so that often used functions are more accessible. There's also a full supply of emoticons available to add to events, though I'm not sure adding a smiley face to that weekly office meeting is going to make me any more excited about it.

This is also not some lazy port. Comparing the Android version to the iOS original shows an app that integrates nicely into whichever environment it's in. This may also be a draw for people who chose an Android phone for personal use but have to use iOS for work.

WeekCalendar5 WeekCalendar6 WeekCalendar7

If you want to try out Week Calendar, you will have to put down $1.99 in the Play Store for the experience.

The app was not found in the store. :-(