Have you ever wondered just how private your data is? How protected your personal info is? For all you know, apps could be running off sharing your phone number, contact log, and device ID to third parties. Or even worse, they could be doing so over an unencrypted connection. I shudder at the very thought.

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Fortunately, BitDefender has a new app called Clueful that aims to show users what their apps are really doing behind the scenes and how private their data is. It gives each device a Privacy Score based on the currently-installed apps, along with a simple breakdown of potential risks in three different categories: high, moderate, and low. Clueful is unique from other apps of this type in that it doesn't just read each particular app's permissions and SDKs they use, but actually executes each app in the cloud and monitors its behavior. This paints a very clear picture of what's really happening. 

Turns out I'm pretty bad at privacy:

Screenshot_2013-05-21-11-50-01 Screenshot_2013-05-21-11-50-39 Screenshot_2013-05-21-11-54-24

From here, Clueful can show you which apps are the most "harmful," as well as filter out which apps perform certain tasks or have access to specific data. It's all very intuitive and useful. Best of all, it's also free. I suggest that everyone check it out to get a better idea of how secure your info really is.

Clueful Privacy Advisor
Clueful Privacy Advisor
Developer: Bitdefender
Price: Free

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To celebrate the launch of this useful new app, we've teamed up with BitDefender to give away four new devices: two Galaxy S4 i9500s and two HTC Ones.

This giveaway is available in the US, Canada, India, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and all of Europe.

Here's how to throw your name in the hat:

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The giveaway begins now and will run until Tuesday, May 28th at 12:00 AM PT (Midnight). After that, four winners will randomly be selected and notified.

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