Throughout the history of the modern smartphone, those who wanted something that could take a beating but keep going were left with one option: buy a device with at least year-old specs. For some reason, manufacturers just couldn't get behind the idea of releasing an ultra-ruggedized device with cutting-edge specs. That has slowly started to change as of late with devices like the Sony Xperia  Z, and now Samsung is looking to join the party and with a rough-and-rugged device featuring top-tier specs.

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This is, of course, the rumored Galaxy S4 Active. Bearing more than just Samsung's flagship namesake, the Active appears to also share the powerhouse device's spec list point-for-point, which includes a 5-inch 1080p display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 600.

Where it clearly differs, however, is in appearance: this thing looks nothing like the original Galaxy S4. It's said to be both water- and dust-resistant, which explains the drastic change in aesthetics and likely has something to do with the decision to switch to physical navigation keys as well.

Unfortunately, there's no word as to when you may be able to make the Active yours, but we expect an announcement to come soon.