Google I/O, one of the most exciting conferences of the year for us, has come and gone. From sleeping several hours a day to juggling about seventeen things during the live keynote coverage to suddenly finding ourselves within inches of people like Sergey Brin, Sundar Pichai, Lord and Savior Matias Duarte, Hugo Barra, Vic Gundotra, Robert Scoble, Chainfire, Saurik, and other brilliant Googlers, reporters, and developers, the days spent at every I/O are absolutely priceless.


By now, you've already heard, seen, and possibly even played with the new Music, Hangouts, Google+, Maps, Now/Search, Play Games and other awesome Play Services, Play Store, Play Books, Wallet, Jelly Bean Google TV, Nexus-in-spirit Galaxy S4, etc. This post is not about them. Well, it kind of is.

But it's also about seeing things from our perspective through our camera lenses. It's about getting served drinks by a trio of bartending robots, seeing Billy Idol on stage (he still got it, believe it or not), examining the walking, swimming, driving, snowmobiling, and biking Street View gear up close, getting flipped off by a giant hand, parachuting to the ground surrounded by seven screens, and, of course, smelling the bacon and eggs I/O shirt that actually smells like maple syrup for 5-7 washes (everyone went for the bacon and was ultimately both disappointed that it doesn't smell like bacon and surprised that a t-shirt can smell like food at a store, before your grabby hands got to it).

Perhaps some of you will find the following video and 60 photos interesting.

Direct link to the Google I/O 2013 gallery where you can find larger versions of these photos.

Until next year, I/O. We'll miss you.