The web version of Google+ isn't the only thing getting some extra eye candy after I/O. Today Google announced an updated version of the G+ Android app, incorporating all the automatic photo selection and improvement tools shown during the Google I/O keynote last week, plus a few new additions for the location and stream functions of the app. Version 4.0 will be rolling out to the Google Play Store for the rest of the day - if you've got it on your phone or tablet already, you should see an update within the next 24 hours.

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The biggest changes are to the photo functions in Google+. Users can now use Auto Backup with Google+, which honestly isn't that different from the former syncing function. The Auto Highlight selection filters tool is more useful, as it selects the "best" photos from a time or location-based set. Auto Enhance is basically a Google-branded version of Snapseed's user-friendly photo enhancing suite, which can be applied to photos once they're on Google's servers. Both the standard photo improvement and the more flamboyant (read: Instagram-style) filters are present. The more esoteric Auto Awesome toolset, which includes panoramic, photomerge, HDR, smile detection, and motion tools, is also present.

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The addition of current user locations to their Google+ profile (only if they've agreed to share their location with you) is nice, as are automatic hashtags on the Google+ stream. If you haven't seen these yet, they're the little bookmark-style hashtags that are automatically added to G+ posts based on content. Like the rest of Google's new tools, they're user-removable, and you can still manually add + or # tags to your posts.

Also, note Google's well-documented obsession with the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy in the blog post below.

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