Surprisingly, the licensed LEGO Star Wars PC and console games (and most of the subsequent Indiana Jones/Batman/Harry Potter/et cetera games) turned out to be pretty good. They're tight, enjoyable adventure games with interesting construction mechanics, and humor suitable to both kids and adults. Though The LEGO Group has released more than a dozen Android titles already, their first tie-in game is LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles, available now as a free download. Just in case you didn't get your Star Wars fix with Angry Birds or pinball.

The player guides either the titular Dagobah-dweller or his Dark Side counterpart Count Dooku through eight levels, with the series' standard add-on characters, buildable vehicles, and surprisingly varied mini-games breaking up the top-down shooting and slashing. (That puts the game in between episodes two and three in movie terms, for anyone who still cares.) LEGO games of this nature are somewhere between a platformer (beat the bad guys, collect the coins) and Zelda, with plenty of puzzles and brick-based humor. 

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I usually download free games to try them a bit and look out for in-app purchases before posting these types of stories, but according to the Play Store, LEGO Star Wars is only compatible with my ancient HTC DROID Incredible and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, neither of which are handy. Fellow Android Police writers Cameron Summerson and Cody Toombs show a similar situation on their devices, with only older Samsung, ASUS, and HTC hardware supported at the moment. I've got a Transformer Prime TF-201 as well, but strangely, mine is showing as incompatible.


We'll chalk this up to an error with either the initial release, or one of the more common errors with the actual Play Store listing. If anyone out there in Internetland cares to give this a go and has hardware that's currently supported, let us know about it in the comments section.

The app was not found in the store. :-(