Just a day after Sony threw developers a bone by posting the Android Open Source Project code for their flagship Xperia Tablet Z, the industrious folks at CyanogenMod have one-upped them with a release of their own. Both a release candidate (RC) and a test build of CyanogenMod ROM 10.1 (Android 4.2) have been posted to the download site, ready and waiting for you to flash to your unlocked tablet.

It's no surprise that CyanogenMod is supporting the Xperia Tablet Z; Sony has been historically friendly with the developer community, and in any case, the 1080p tablet runs on the same chipset as the more far-reaching Xperia Z smartphone. The release candidate is a lot more stable than the nightly builds that CyanogenMod usually starts off with, and should be quite suitable as a daily driver ROM (with perhaps just a few bugs here and there). Nightly builds should be popping up soon for developers and those adventurous souls who have to be on the bleeding edge of custom software.

Xperia Tablet Z owners who are wondering how to join the custom ROM party should start by unlocking the device's bootloader (and voiding the warranty) at Sony's website.

Update: What did we tell ya? The first nightly build is already available. Download it here.

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