Just ask our own Ron Amadeo and he'll tell you there are a myriad of reasons Google Glass isn't like other computing devices. It changes the way you interact with data and contextual information, but it's also not a true consumer product just yet. The Google Glass Explorer Edition was released with a number of caveats, including the stipulation that owners were forbidden from selling or loaning the device to someone else. Well, Google has lightened up a little on that last count. The FAQ has been tweaked to allow sharing your Explorer Edition.


Google's original FAQ clearly stated that users were not permitted to "resell, loan, transfer or give [Google Glass] to any other person." That's a little totalitarian, even for what is essentially a developer device. The new document says sharing is cool with Mountain View:

Can I loan Glass to someone else?

A: Yes. The philosophy of the Explorer Edition is "one device for one person," but we understand that there are situations where you might want to loan the device to a family member, friend, or colleague. Please don't sell, rent, or otherwise make a profit off the device. That's not allowed, nor is it in the Explorer spirit.

So handing Glass over to a buddy for an afternoon is cool, but selling it on eBay is still a major no-no. A relaxed take on this policy could possibly allow you to permanently "loan" Glass to someone else, but you're probably risking the ire of the Google doing that.

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