Facebook Pages Manager is the odd man out in the social network's Android suite, but it's indispensable if you've got a public image to maintain. The Pages Manager lets companies or individuals manage their separate likeable identities. Yesterday's update (version 1.4) adds a number of features from Facebook on the web, including the ability to add albums to your page, save drafts for editing later, and adding posts to a specific event. Oh, and one absolutely vital function: kicking the trolls and whiners off of your digital turf right from your phone.

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To delete a comment and/or ban the commenter, tap the comment and select your action. That's it. It couldn't be any easier to make those sorry layabouts even more sorry for demeaning the quality of your cupcake stall/anime-themed coffee shop/furry rock band. (I'm not even making those up, by the way - check the screenshots.) There's also been a UI update that lets users see full-page messages, Insights, Photos, Events, and the activity log from a bookmark.

The rest of Facebook Pages Manager's features remain largely unchanged. Anyone running Android 2.2 or higher can download the app, but naturally you'll need at least one Facebook Page to take advantage of it.