Sprint's version of the HTC One is about to receive a much-needed OTA update, albeit a relatively minor one, that promises to fix the rather annoying home and back button sensitivity issues that have been afflicting the handset. I commented on this issue in my review of the One, and while I called it minor then, the more I used the phone, the more annoying it become in certain situations - particularly when holding the phone while lying down.

The issue seemed to be that the touch targets for the capacitive buttons were set far too close to the display, and the pad of your finger would often need to hit the area between what you would expect to be the strike zone and the edge of the visible display on the phone in order to register a tap. Sprint's changelog for the update (version 1.29.651.10) simply mentions "Improved Back and Home key sensitivity," though I can't imagine what else that would mean aside from increasing the size of the touch targets.

The update also includes ambiguous "BlinkFeed improvements" and an updated version of the Sprint Zone client. Unlike recent updates to the international version of the HTC One, there is no mention of any improvements to the camera software that have allegedly resolved overexposure issues. The update to Sprint's One should roll out in stages starting today.

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