If you're in the market for a new Android virtual keyboard, you could do a lot worse than SwiftKey, especially since it's just been updated to version 4.1. In the company's ceaseless drive to improve every nook and cranny of the app they've added three shiny new themes: Regal (purple), Pitch (black) and Dusk (navy blue). In addition, both the smartphone and tablet version of the swiping, predicting, multi-language keyboard are on sale for half off. You can pick them up for just two bucks each (£1.49/€1.99) at the moment.

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The themes are pretty swanky, and should make SwiftKey more attractive for those users who just have to make their keyboard match their launcher icons (you know who you are). The blog post also said that the Pitch theme could help AMOLED phones save battery life, though no empirical evidence of efficiency was given. Other additions to SwiftKey 4.1 include tweaks for smoother operation on the Facebook and Opera apps, a fix for issues with the "?", Backspace, and Space keys, and they've finally sorted out the ".com" shortcut key in Chrome for Android.

If two dollars is still too cheap for you, remember that SwiftKey also has a free trial version available. The app descriptions don't say how long the sale will last.

SwiftKey - Three new themes – and a sale to celebrate!

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

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