Those of you who like your games served fresh while you peruse the day's social updates might want to sit down. Google+ Games will shut down on June 30, taking users' game data with it. But social gamers aren't aren't entirely without hope. Some developers will designate new destination sites for their games, and a few games already have alternative links set up.

Google Games

In-game payments inside any of the games that are set to disappear will have to be used up before June 30 arrives. There will be no refunds. Sucks, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Anyone who wants to chew out a particular developer can pick out their name from the list below:

Why is Google shutting down its first attempt at social gaming? To make room for its second attempt, of course. The company unveiled Google Play Games during today's keynote, showing off its new platform with support for achievements, leaderboards, cloud data sync, and real-time multiplayer. The new service lets users compare their top scores with their private circles, or if they want to be humbled, the entire social network. It doesn't directly replicate Google+ Games, but we don't want to see Google repeat the redundancy issue that has cropped up among its communication services, do we?

Thanks, Tyler Malovetz.

Source: Google+ Help