We heard some last-minute rumors that Samsung's shiny new flagship, not even released in every market, is getting a special Google Edition. Well it's true, boys and girls: the Galaxy S4 Google Edition is real, and it's going to feature the same stock Android experience as Nexus devices. The GS4 Google Edition will be sold through the Google Play Store with the same AT&T and T-Mobile bands as the Nexus 4, plus LTE support.


Aside from the software, it's the same great GS4 hardware you're used to, complete with 1080p Super AMOLED screen, 16GB of storage and the coveted SD card slot. Naturally, the bootloader will be unlocked, and the device will receive prompt updates from Google. The price is a wallet-straining $650, and it will go on sale on June 26th in the US. So far, only the white model has been shown. International availability has not yet been discussed. Who wants one?