For Android fans with children, it can be a bit disheartening to learn that your kids are using iPads and iPods for learning every day. While this is becoming more and more standard across the country, Google is looking to change that with its newly announced "Google Play for Education." This is exactly what it sounds like: a specially curated version of the Play Store made for educational environments. It offers curriculum-based discovery for grades K-12, which will make it easy for teachers to find apps appropriate for his or her students. The program also includes bulk-ordering of unspecified Nexus tablets (assume the Nexus 7) to round out the experience.


Once an app is discovered, a couple of simple clicks will immediately send the application to students' tablets with zero hassle – much like the Play Store works for standard Android devices.

When it comes to purchasing apps, educators can fund their Play account with purchase order numbers, and any charges made in the Play Store will be automatically deducted from that.

Unfortunately, there's no word on device pricing for school districts, but educators are encouraged to sign up for more info.

Additional details:  Android Developers