For jetsetters and workaholics who require a little more than a legal pad to keep track of their billable expenses, Expensify has done solid if uninspiring duty as a mobile companion for some time. Yesterday the Android app got a brand new, Holo-compliant look, making form follow function right out of the land of Froyo buttons. While this update is the biggest change to come to the Android app in quite a while, the core functionality has not been affected that much, with only some new rule filters mentioned on the Play Store page.

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Expensify automates expense reports with a variety of handy tools, now all the better for a little visual polish. The most useful feature is probably SmartScan, which takes photos of receipts and automatically generates an item for an expense report. Users can manually add or edit expenses for any field, but the often-used time billing and mileage calculation get equal footing with SmartScan on the finger-friendly home screen. When your job or trip is over, you can submit the report to your employer or client, and the service ties in with QuickBooks and PayPal. Naturally, everything is synced and itemized on the Expensify website as well.

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The Expensify mobile and web service is free for individuals, with corporations paying by the user. It doesn't cost anything to download the app, which is still compatible with Android 2.0 and up.

Expensify - Expense Reports
Expensify - Expense Reports