Had enough of noisy hotels infested with bed bugs and slathered in unidentifiable fluids? Why not rent short term accommodations from a regular human being? That's the service Airbnb provides, and the startup has been making headway in recent years. In an attempt to make the process of finding appropriate lodging more convenient on mobile devices, the company has completely redesigned its Android app and added a few new features.

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The new app is more attractive an Android-y than the old version, which made heavy use of gradients and iOS-style buttons. The new UI is flatter and has some Holo (#YOLO) design elements. It also uses a properly implemented slide-out menu and up button. The host pre-approval options allow hosts to pre-approve, deny, or request more information from a potential guest from inside the app. Calendar management also lets hosts update listing availability on Android, rather than running to a desktop.

Airbnb lists a ton of rentals in most areas (over 30,000 cities). It's useful for finding a cool house to rent on vacation, or for just scoring a room for the night. The service is free to check out.

Developer: Airbnb
Price: Free