Have you got a shiny new HTC One in your pocket, but the company's lackluster advertising has only made you more aware of your hatred for Sense 5? Do you long for stock Android, but crave power user features? Does your heart know no fear of voided warranties? Then today is your lucky day, assuming you're using an international GSM or Sprint model. The CyanogenMod custom ROM is now available in 10.1 (Jelly Bean 4.2) flavor for both versions of the One, albeit only in a test build (pre-nightly) format. Update: The first nightly builds just appeared.


These builds are so early that even the most daring of our readers might want to hold back on them. But if you're a developer, or just an end user who's too excited to wait (and you know your way around a Nandroid backup) feel free to give it a go... and don't forget your Gapps.

The CyanogenMod team hasn't mentioned builds for the AT&T or T-Mobile versions of the One yet, but since both have a bootloader unlock available, they may be coming soon. We've reached out to the developers for confirmation, but have yet to hear back. Some users have flashed the GSM test build to the AT&T One, but of course, it lacks support for LTE bands.

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