The HTC One is pretty great, and HTC has had no problem vividly illustrating its hardware features. Now they've moved on to the software in a pair of 30-second TV spots. The ads are all about BlinkFeed, HTC's proprietary social/news stream, and the centerpiece of the Sense 5 user interface. The commercials get right to the point, showing that other phones make you "dig" for information and content, while the mighty One with BlinkFeed puts everything you want right there on the home screen. Dirt literally falling out of inferior phones makes the point with all the subtlety of a thrown brick.

Second verse, same as the first, though this one indulges in a little awkward humor. I like the "all metal" chaser in these ads - it's a much better differentiator thank BlinkFeed itself. The illustration is a little off, too; can you call two taps (one for the Home button, one for the app drawer) "digging"? But since Android manufacturers have decided that software is what makes a phone unique, more power to them. It could be worse.

Just for comparison, here's HTC's older and altogether better ad, showcasing the One's dual front-facing speakers.

This raises an interesting question: do HTC One owners like, or even use, BlinkFeed? Android Police editor extraordinaire David Ruddock found BlinkFeed appealing and useful, if somewhat limited, specifically because the sources for news are too tightly curated. The general consensus is that power users will switch to their launcher of choice as soon as they get a new phone. Are there any readers out there who have stuck with the stock launcher specifically for BlinkFeed, or would recommend the One to their friends or family specifically for that feature? Sound off in the comments, folks - inquiring minds want to know.