Directionally-challenged Greeks, Google has answered your prayers. The search giant continued its international rollout of Maps Navigation today, enabling turn-by-turn directions for Greece. That, coupled with Google's recent significant expansion of Navigation to 9 countries last month, brings the total number of supported territories to 53. Not too shabby.

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We've heard from a couple of Google+ users that turn-by-turn seems to be working well so far. Of course, Navigation is still technically in beta (and has been, as is typical for Google, for more than two years), but it's good to hear that initial service is stable.

If you're in Greece and have Google Maps installed, you should have access to Navigation now. If not, Google Maps is available for download through Google Play.

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore
Google Maps - Navigate & Explore

Thanks, +Γιώργος Τσάμης and +Kostas Vrouvas, for the screenshots.

Source: Google Maps for Mobile