Checking in, Instagramming, Tweeting, and updating statuses are something most of us do on a regular basis. It's a way for us to share with our friends and family what's going on in our lives; where we're at physically, mentally, and/or emotionally; and an overall fun way to interact and kill time. We, as people, are more socially connected than we've ever been thanks to modern technology.

But there's a missed mark here. An introspective journey. Everyone else knows where we've been, what we're doing, even what we had for lunch. But do we remember, or is sharing just second nature? Oftentimes, we end up searching through our own social networking feeds to find a particular event or seemingly insignificant moment – everything from "remember that place we ate on vacation? What was it called again?" to "where were we going when that happened?!" can be found in our timelines. But those are made for interaction, for sharing. For others.

Enter Saga, the "automatic lifelogging" app that is all about you and your journey. Think of it as a timeline made by you, for you. A way to retrospectively look back on the things you've done over the last week, month, year, or longer. And it's surprisingly easy to use.

Once the app is installed, just fire it up to get everything set up. From there, Saga will begin automatically creating your lifelogging experience, reminding you to update when you arrive at a new place. You can add images and notes, as well as share your location with other apps (including social networks). Over time, the app "learns" your habits, and provides you with information based on your patterns. It's pretty neat.

Of course, it also integrates with apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Runkeeper, and many more, so you can share content directly with Saga if you wish.

Essentially, the app is exactly what it's title suggests: a way to log your life. But this time, it's for you and no one else (unless you choose to share it, of course). Hit the widget below to give it a shot.

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