Another day, another OTA, this time for Sprint's and AT&T's variants of the Galaxy S4. The updates – which are labeled as builds MDL and I337UCUAMDL, respectively - are beginning to roll out to all Ma Bell and Now Network owners of the GS4, and looks to include a few app, feature, and kernel changes.

Here's what the Sprint update includes:

  • SMS notification enhancements
  • S-Health enhancements

In addition, though not listed in Sprint's official announcement post, we believe this software contains a kernel patch that prevents unauthorized root access. More details can be found here.

Here's what the AT&T update brings:

  • Touch screen sensitivity improvement
  • Enhanced Multi window experience
  • New S-Health version

The updates weigh in at less than 50MB each. Pretty minor. Still, improvements are improvements, and it's good to see continued support from Samsung and U.S. carriers.

[AT&T; Sprint]