Not all games need to rely on high-resolution textures, fancy lighting effects, and 3D open world play. No, sometimes you just want a clean little game with interesting puzzles to keep you occupied. Mosaique fits the bill with its unique take on mobile gaming. Rather than pile on endless levels, this title only has seven of them. Each time you play, the challenge is to make it through all seven as efficiently as possible. It only takes a few minutes to play a round, but you can put some real thought into it.

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The game board in Mosaique is populated by some number of colored squares. You have to place new squares by spinning around the periphery and firing the blocks in toward the middle. You must match up two or more of the same color to clear them. The energy meter at the bottom ticks down each time you launch a block, so you want to clear the most blocks possible in the fewest moves. If you can clear more than one block, you get a little energy boost as well.

The UI is very simple, or dare I say, elegant in this game. You've got a trio of buttons for positioning and launching blocks, an info button, and the game board itself. It's all very well-designed. There is a 10-minute soundtrack, which should be enough to finish a round of Mosaique. Seems like a neat approach to casual gaming.

Developer: Winning Blimp
Price: $0.99