If you fancy yourself a budding meteorologist, OpenSignal's latest app release might just be the resource you've been waiting for. WeatherSignal turns your Android phone into a mobile weather station by tapping into sensors you didn't know your phone had in order to measure local atmospheric readings. With your consent, the app then submits this data to a collaboratively updated weather map for the world to share. Those of you who have used OpenSignal's previous app to find the best local WiFi connections might recognize the concept behind the company's latest initiative.

WeatherSignal2 WeatherSignal4 WeatherSignal6

WeatherSignal is capable of measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, light, magnetic flux, and acceleration. You will need a pretty high-end phone to read most of these things, and the Galaxy S4 is currently the only device that can measure them all. The app can produce a wide range of reports, graphs, and other readouts that weather geeks are inclined to savor. For the truly dedicated, it offers widgets that can keep the temperature, pressure levels, and other readings on your home screen full-time.


Your local weather channel might give you a general forecast of what the weather in your city may look like, but if you want to know what it's like at the nearby zoo, you need something more specific. If you want to be a part of this great endeavor - and your phone is up to the task - snatch the free app from the Play Store below. Remember that the more people use WeatherSignal, the better the service will become for everyone.

Source: OpenSignal Blog

Developer: OpenSignal.com
Price: Free