It's a sad day for TweetDeck lovers, boys and gals. As of now, the Android, iOS, and Air versions of the app are no more.

Upsetting as it may be, this shouldn't come as much of a shock to anyone – Twitter announced it would be retiring these now-defunct options back at the beginning of March. Mobile users are, of course, encouraged to switch to the official Twitter app, while desktop users have the option of either TweetDeck's standalone application or its browser-based tool.


This doesn't just mark the death of those TD variants, either – Facebook integration has now been canned, as well. Sadface.

Of course, there are some great alternatives out there to fill the gap now present in your digital life. On Android, it's hard to beat Falcon Pro – it's been my go-to Twitter client since it hit the scene. On the desktop, the Chrome app has quickly replaced TD Yellow (the old Air app) for me. To make it feel more native, you can also "pin" it to the desktop by right clicking on the TD icon (on the Chrome new tab page) and selecting "Create Shortcuts." The Chrome app has actually outpaced the native app's development over the last several weeks, so this is a great option for anyone who wants the latest features TD has to offer but doesn't want to feel confined to a browser.

Before you get started on the path of healing and acceptance, however, let's all take a moment of silence to remember our good friends TweetDeck mobile and Air.

RIP, Yellow.