If there's one thing that never goes out of style in the Android community, it's rumors. Oh, and leaks. Around Google I/O and "Nexus season," leaks and rumors abound. Some Nexus-related, some … not. Today, one of tech's most prolific leaksters, evleaks, let loose an image of an unspecified LG handset. Posting to Facebook, evleaks asked "G2? Just a guess…" as speculations began whirling.

The device, which has an undeniably sparse front side (of which the most interesting aspect is the speaker grill), bears all the normal sensors, no hardware keys or buttons, a huge screen, small bezels, and a sheet of glass that appears to feature a comfortable (yet subtle) curve on all sides.

lg-optimus-evleaks-630 BJdftyxCMAILpZr

Normally, when a device is leaked and folks start jumping on the "this is totally probably a Nexus" train, we would assess the validity of the image itself before addressing the actual device. This image, though, appears to be a real photo of a real object. What's left up to debate is what device it represents. Could it be the (Optimus) G 2? Possibly, but it could just as easily be any yet-unannounced LG phone. Is it likely to be the fabled Nexus 5? Probably not, unless the next Nexus will come with LG front branding.

In the end, we don't have any idea what this device will end up being called, or even when it will be available, only that it exists, and that we probably aren't likely to hear any more about it in the next couple of weeks.

Source: evleaks (Facebook, Twitter)