When we talk about Google Glass, we have a lot to be hopeful for and a lot to be worried about. Some of those worries might be a little less than rational. Like the fear that you'll potentially be monitored all the time, which is totally different from how it is now. So, for all the Glass skeptics out there, allow me to do you a favor and replace some less rational fears with some that are more reasonable: if Google Glass becomes popular, everyone is going to start looking at cat pictures on their glasses, no one will watch where they're going, and society will collectively walk into poles, open sewer holes, and each other. There will be no survivors.

Obviously, I'm talking about Reddit on Google Glass.

reddittimeline1 reddittimeline2 reddittimeline3

Right now, Glass units are slowly rolling out to developers and eager early adopters. Some of those developers are even making apps for it. The New York Times is working on one, as is Twitter. That all seems well and good. An app that reads articles to you doesn't seem half bad. And hey, why not send a quick tweet? Sure. Let's do it.

Reddit, on the other hand, sounds dangerous. Like, "do not use this app while operating heavy machinery" dangerous. "Please Reddit responsibly" dangerous. The kind of dangerous where there actually seems like a reasonable concern about how much more distracted people will become by the device attached to their face.

In seriousness, this actually doesn't seem that much worse than having Reddit on your phone. The question is, though, how far do you want Google Glass to go? If we're already seeing social networks, news sites, and link aggregation showing up on our eyeballs, it's reasonable to assume that just about anything might eventually be possible. Should Glass be as open or as capable of a platform as Android is? Should the UI be up to the end developer? Do consumers want a market with as much variety and functionality as the Play Store, which includes everything from Photoshop to fart soundboards? As we wait for the consumer model, these are the questions that Explorers are going to have to figure out.

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